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All inclusive packages and hourly production services by a former broadcaster and economic developer.


Storied Places Media produces professional podcasts for economic development organizations.


All inclusive packages

We handle hosting, interviewing, editing, distribution on all major streaming platforms, and advise on promotion strategy. Priced by the episode so that the cost and time commitment is defined.

Producer services

Already have a host? Let us handle the technical side of podcasting like editing, audio cleanup, remote recording, and hosting and distribution to listening platforms.

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Coaching and training

If DIY is more your style, we can help you get it right. Let us show you the basics of starting a podcast, troubleshoot problems, coach you toward better storytelling, and more.


It's long-form content that busy people will actually consume.

Busy people who are too distracted to read a whole article will listen to a podcast while they're stuck in traffic, squeezing in a run, or folding that dreaded mountain of laundry.

The ability to multi-task makes podcasts the ultimate deep-dive format. According to Buzzsprout, most episodes are 20-40 minutes long and 80% of listeners listen to all or most of every podcast episode they start.

Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons why podcasting is powerful.

Reach a growing, educated and affluent audience
  • 47% of 18-49 year olds and 29% of all Canadian adults have listened to a podcast in the past month
  • Monthly listeners are 53% more likely to have a degree
  • And they're 28% more likely to have an annual household income over $100k

Source: The Podcast Exchange

Improve brand awareness
The BBC found that organizations with branded podcasts saw:
  • 89% higher awareness
  • 57% higher brand consideration
  • 12% higher memory encoding than other forms of content

Source: BBC Global News

Strengthen relationships with partners and local leaders
  • Help your partners tell their stories and give them content to share with their networks.
  • Even elusive business leaders are likely to respond to a podcast interview invitation.


Storied Places is led by Michelle Samson, a broadcaster turned economic developer who found her calling in combining the two.

Storied Places is led by Michelle Samson, a broadcaster turned economic developer who found her calling in combining the two.

Her credentials include Ec.D. certification, a master's degree in Local Economic Development, and certificates in Media Arts and Business Communications.

Her podcasts have been recognized with IEDC, EDCO and MarCom awards.



Visit the Clients page to learn why they got a podcast and to hear the episodes we produced for them.